When You Are Liquid



When you are liquid, information no longer hides behind a screen, in some database or on a network ~ the computer gets out of the way as you dive, swim with and in your information. You have a fluid overview of everything and you are in total control.


When you are liquid, the connection between people, information and tools become fluid and active ~ information is always within eye's reach and tools within hands reach.


When you are liquid, you can find and communicate with people who share your specific interests no matter where they are ~ you can communicate to millions as easily as you can communicate with one.


When you are liquid, information organizes itself, you never have to file anything, everything is presented dynamically.


When you are liquid, you don't have to guess or work hard to find out what a tool does or what the state of a document is, everything is apparent at a glance.


When you are liquid, everything is synchronized, automatically. Notes written on your PDA stays with you even when you are not using it, email can be sent from anywhere and still show up archived in your regular OutBox. Important messages are automatically forwarded to your mobile phone, but not when you are in your office.


When you are liquid, you have access to all your information through every medium, but the medium no longer passively transmits the information, the medium actively enhances the information through that mediums unique characteristics ~ books become Hypertext, movies dynamic and voicemail intelligent.


When you are liquid, all text becomes hypertext, dynamically, automatically with every link being two way at whatever granularity you need. Same with images, three dimensional models and worlds, music ~ everything.


When you are liquid, there are no information ghettos where multimedia whiz-bang encyclopedia or flashy Web sites hold their information hostage and dictate its behaviours & interactivity ~ everything flows. Everywhere.


When you are liquid, you are no longer constrained by icon click over-simplicity ~ you command your information as richly as you command language.


When you are liquid, you are comfortable and informed. You are in total control, never overwhelmed.




Frode Hegland with input from Sarah Walton,
originally from the late 1990s,
hence the references to PDAs and so on