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Quick search from any app 5

by OmahaOtter – Jan 22, 2019

Install this and you can quickly search while using other apps  - just highlight the text while you are working in your other app, hit command-shift-2 and return, and the Google search results open up.  If you don't hit return, you can instead select other searches, such as Wikipeadia or Google Scholar. This is a really useful tool. I wish PubMed was one of the places you could search; hopefully it will be added in a future addition.


Drastic workflow improvements abound 5

by Sebough – Jan 18, 2019

This is an essential application. To be sure it is elegant, brilliantly executed, and a time saver. The ability to properly cite and retrieve quotes from the Internet to use now or repurpose later is invaluable to a writer or researcher. The shortcuts to search specific or designated websites allows the Internet to become more accessible in daily workflows. The ease with which one can translate from English to French with no need to take your hands off the keyboard is a wonder as is the ability to convert from different measurement units. I use this app multiple times during the day, and it remains wondrously new.


Useful and delightful 5

by Rostno – Jan 12, 2019

Very briefly, this app is very handy (conversions, translations, etc), easily accessed and a delight to use to explore words as the basic unit of written communication. Totally enjoy and heartily recommend.


Indispensable 5

by Orkal – Dec 28, 2018

Un des rares utilitaires que j'utilise tous les jours…


A World Class App! 5

by StoneColdRod314 – Nov 26, 2018

Liquid Flow earns my "World-Class" app rating for several reasons.  The #1 reason is the Technical Support level. I needed help twice and both instances of help were swift and precise.  Another reason is the shere usefulness and “firepower” that this app has. Flow describes how it moves.  Once I copied, dragged, or pasted an item into the interface, I discovered the many amazing ways in which to bring information to me.  I now see what all the rave is about with the other reviews! I consider and recommend Liquid Flow as a “must have" utility because it does so much.


Very useful 5

by AppleAnnie1970 – Oct 20, 2018

Very useful app that speeds up the workflow by combing various frequently executed processes, such as search or translation into one simple and easily accessible application. Well documented with descriptions and YouTube tutorials and quick   from support. And it now has dark mode!


Brilliantly Written and Indispensable - You need this 5

by Leaky7 – Apr 12, 2018

It’s a very thoughtfully designed tool that’ll save you a great deal of time doing the things you do habitually every day without thinking. Will be upgrading out of respect for all the work that Frode has clearly put into this. Keep doing what you’re doing Frode!


Essential Tool 5

by willysnax – Apr 6, 2018

Liquid has become one of my daily most used apps. It’s fantastic for research, and the ability to add sources is very handy. Developer is quick, courteous, and accomodating as well. Highly recommend this app.


Nice tool for researching a project 5

by mcfyn – Mar 5, 2018

Found this app useful when doing research. Helps to keep focus and is very user friendly.

Rigtigt godt gennemtænkt.


Beware installnig this App 3

by Spektacle2 – Jan 18, 2018

Installed this app thinking it would be helpful (which it is to some degree) but discovered the app is secretly skimming off a percentage of all sales you make on Amazon unless you untick the box in the apps preferences (by defult this is on). This should be made more obvious. Not cool.


Working, but ... 1

by SchroedersKater – Jan 7, 2018

I used the previous version of this app (legacy) until I found out that it fills my system log with messages like „com.hyperwords.liquidwords(free)“. This one does the same. Please correct and you get 5 stars back again. But now my full version is lost.


Does not work for me 1

by Concept-Production – Edited Dec 24, 2017

This tool still does not work. The exchanges with the designer and the proposed solutions from the developper, nothing works. I want to say that the product is not developed to work with the new version of Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.2. Searches do not yield to any results. I have to give up and request for refund


Liquid 5

by Father Luke Miljevich – Dec 14, 2017

Letters. Words. Sentences. Paragraphs. Page after page of words on the internet, cluttering my computer, my mind, and my day. How are they all connected? What do they all mean?


If I were faced with the task of teaching someone, who had never used a electronic device what the internet does and is capable of I would begin by introducing them to Liquid.

“Well, what do I do if I want to, and what is, and how do you, and what does all this mean …?”

They can all be answered with a few taps and Liquid.

I have a socket wrench. I use different attachments on it: standard, metric, extensions, and so forth. The wrench is something I can fit tools to helping me implement useful tasks I engage in, which enliven myself and others.

Liquid is something I use in expressing thoughts I have in a clear and meaningful way to myself and others.

Very easy to get the hang of.

Lovely to look at and use.

That Apple hasn’t appropriated and absorbed the principles in Liquid as standard features remains a mystery. Probably because the development of Liquid continues to evolve into greater, more expansive usefulness which only a loving crafter might devote to a masterpiece.

Liquid is a work of devoted love for communication, computers, words, and in the end the customer using this brilliant software.


Amazing application 5

by coaltube – Oct 17, 2017

This is much better than alfred, popclip, and so on because of its simple UI, usability.

Apple Editors should recommend this awesome app on their front appstore page.


为什么翻译用不了 1

by J.P.Chan – Oct 4, 2017



A good, focused utility - recommended 5

by Meh222 – Sep 22, 2017

Simple to use. With some text selected in your frontmost app, it puts search or referencing for that text selection a few keystokes from hand, especially good for those who like to keep their hands on the keyboard. For instance, to search Google Scholar for somethnig, select text - Cmd+Shift+2 - G - O and the search appears in your web browser.

Besides search & reference there are additional functions for sharing content (so blogs/emails/social media), translation, unit conversion and copying in various rich/plain forms of text encoding

I ended up also getting the Pro add-on as it lets me define my own entries (such as searches into specific reference libraries); this too is easy to set up and allows further customisation of what can be accessed quickly without breaking one’s flow.


Liquid is SOLID app.. 5

by Manish_Soni – Sep 14, 2017

Liquid is SIMPLE, FAST, LUCID …in short very helpful.. if you search daily on internet.

if you do not use internet do not buy..:)

in short if you use search, translate, find, etc daily it will increase your life by few days .. :)

saves lots of time daily.. eventually increase life..:)


I also recommand POPCLIP in combination with it.

-Manish Soni from INDIA.


Нужно доработать 4

by Hitch msk – Sep 14, 2017

У кого не получается купить программу, попробуйте несколько раз ее перезагрузить. Заявлен Русский язык но перевод программы странный, описание на русском а настройки и все остальное на английском, работать не мешает но не плохо бы русифицировать программу полностью. Ставлю 4 за отсутствие полной локализации.


Nice feature, BUT 3

by Nivek1588 – Sep 13, 2017

Nice search tool and easy to easy. But diabling the autostart while login doesn’t have ay influence. The app starts at login regardless of which choice you made in the setup.


L'outil complet dont vous avez besoin sur Mac 5

by Mr. SALAMA Youssef – Sep 10, 2017


J'ai testé Liquide Flow sur Macbook pro 13 (2012) vraiment il est rapide facile à utiliser

L’interface est simple avec un bon design>>>

Le fonctionnement est très il comporte des outils très intéressants et qui permettent dictionnaires, outil de recherche et de références et autres outils comme celle de traduction

Vraiment grace à ces outils de Liquid Flow mon travail de rédaction devient très facile et complet

Merci infiniment au développeur >>>et je recommande vivement Liquide Flow à tous les utilateurs de Mac OSX


Difficult set up. Not intuitive. 1

by Tim1949 – Jul 29, 2016

Spent an hour following set up instructions, only to discover the app didn’t operate in the manner the developer described.  OS X 10.11. Deleted the app.  Wasted $3.99.


It's great! 5

by John in Blacksburg – Jan 29, 2016

This is one of those little utilities I must use a hundred times a day; it's right behind cut & paste in terms of general usefulness. Once you get used to using it you'll wonder why you haven't always had it.


Can’t do without 5

by henrygilbey – Dec 3, 2015

Outstanding, can’t imagine doing without Liquid now. Does so much more than you realise when you dig into it, makes the internet work so seamlessly for you. Love it, many thanks for creating it.


Great piece of work and very handy. 5

by ScudUK – Apr 1, 2015

I never write reviews, this is my first.

But I just had to quickly say how great this app is. It easily becomes indispensable, it’s just so useful.

Honestly, I don’t know that I had to upgrade to the pro version.

But I did anyway. For £3.99 the developer deserves every penny.

It’s a bargain at this price. I’m a developer myself so I know how it feels when people expect everything for free even though you’ve spent a year or more of working long days and nights on a project. Do they go to their work for free every day, but I digress lol.

Short story, buy the paid for version, or update the free one it’s great and they deserve it!


A mí no me sirvió 2

by V. Rojas – Mar 21, 2015

Quizás otros usuarios puedan encontrarle la utilidad, pero yo terminé desinstalándola porque la tuve durante meses y no la usaba. Todas las funciones que promete, yo ya estaba acostumbrada a hacerlas de otras maneras, por lo que me resultaba más fácil y práctico seguir igual.


Liquid 5

by hronro – Mar 4, 2015

Very good. It does what it say’s on the box.

Buy it, it is worth it.


Liquid Should Live on Everyone’s Desktop 5

by Yellowlees – Nov 25, 2014

Liquid has the elegance that Apple applications once boasted, lives unobtrusively on your menu bar, and comes to your rescue whenever you need to search anything—articles, websites, your own email and files—and anything online. Simply select specific text you want to search, then use Liquid to conduct a comprehensive search for websites, reference sites, or even to convert data (temperatures, currencies, power) or to even to translate from a language you select to another. Click on the “Settings” and Liquid’s streamlined interface swivels back to front to let you customize your preferences for searching or references with specific keystrokes.

If you’ve bemoaned how poor Apple email and Spotlight searches have become to, say, the accuracy of searches pre-OS X, just buy Liquid—it’s less than a latte and you’ll use it every day. Except you just buy it once. A lifesaver.


nice 5

by Bella董董 – Nov 3, 2014

很好用     棒极了  特别是翻译可以网页在线使用很快


It’s good but … there are a few things they fail to mention … 4

by Gairlochan – Sep 11, 2014

… such as:

– It only works in some applications. It can be triggered by Safari, Chrome, iCab, Omniweb and Firefox, but not by Opera (unless you mouse through the services menu and select it there, which is defeating the purpose). It works from Preview, but not from TextEdit (or from M$Office, according to another user), and there are other apps it doesn’t work with; test your apps first with it before paying for the upgrade to the pro version. It works through the Mac OS X Services menu, and will suffer any limitations inherent in that system, and there are some.

–  They say you can set any key combination you want, but you can’t; you’re limited to ones acceptable for services. I couldn’t, for instance, use OPT-SPACE (or any keystroke including the space bar), which I wanted to use, it being very convenient and next to the keystroke for Spotlight. It took me a while, actually, to find one which it would accept (the default one being very awkward to type, especially for small, mildly arthritic hands).

–  It can only pass through your queries to a few browsers (Safari, Firefox and Chrome) or to your default browser (which, however, you will probably be using already, so that’s not necessarily convenient, especially if you want it to open the query response (e.g. the Wikipedia article) in a small separate window while you continue your work in a normal-sized one). They could support a few more browsers (I use iCab and OmniWeb for preference, and it doesn’t support either of those).

–  You’ll also need to have two different browsers installed, unless you’re prepared to put up with having a new window or tab with the response opened on top of the one you’re working in regardless of your tab settings. A built-in ‘light’ browser which gave you the results in a neat floating window without all the clutter of a web page would be very nice, and I hope they implement something of the kind. If it could be made to work with Wikipedia Tab, for instance, it would be almost perfect.

–  None of the browsers will open straight off from startup with the services command – from cold, so to speak. They have to be primed by using the services menu to select the Liquid service at least once after startup, and then they’ll respond. So having it trigger and open a browser with a window specially saved small so as not to take up the whole screen when it opens is not practical (at least it doesn’t work on my Mac with any of the abovementioned browsers, those that it works with at all, that is).

Some of these issues will make more sense after you have actually tried the free version (this one) and seen what it’s really like to use.

It is indeed very handy and it does do exactly what it says, but only within certain limitations, and they don’t tell you what these limitations are.



Love it! 5

by MissWilderness – Aug 8, 2014

Took me a while to get used to, but I’m loving it!


è uno scherzo? 1

by StefanoLaguzzi – Jul 29, 2014

spero vivamente che sia uno schezo..magari anacronistico, visto che siamo fuori Aprile.


Pour la Suisse-Romande 5

by Manitoo – Jul 26, 2014

Comme j’ai galéré pour trouver comment appeler le programme… voici comment faire sur un clavier qwertz : faire les touches suivantes ensemble « alt » + « cmd » et « g ».


I use it every day 5

by shuoyang – Jun 18, 2014

Influenced by Doug Engelbart, Liquid is the most efficient way to work with text, I use it every day. It was so convenient to share text that I think any other way of doing it is stupid. With a few keystroke I can share to twitter without leaving the context. I love it.


Great apps 5

by Thibault: “Cut!”✂️ – May 24, 2014

Super useful tool. It tooks me 30 seconds before I upgrade to the paid version where I could put my duckduckgo search engine and my english/latin/french dictionaries URLs. Congratulation Mr Frode Hegland, you’ve nailed it.


Werkt niet 1

by PjotV – Mar 9, 2014

Het is blijkbaar de bedoeling om de Pro-versie te verkopen want de gratis versie werkt niet. Is niet te configureren, wanneer op een link in Search wordt geklikt (bijv. Google Images) gebeurt niet. Waardeloos. Niet eens een ster waard maar moet helaas een geven om deze recensie geplaatst te krijgen.


Werkt prettig. 4

by Peter Dubbelman – Feb 8, 2014

Liquid bevalt me goed; binnen de korste keren mis ik het als ik werk op een Mac zonder Liquid. In eerste instantie ging installatie bij mij fout. Dit bleek te komen doordat ik mijn taalinstellingen op Nederlands heb staan. Door de taal tijdelijk in te stellen op Engels en te reebouten, werd de installatie goed afgerond. Daarna de taal weer ingesteld op Nederlands en Liquid bleef vervolgens goed werken. De ontwikkelaar is inmiddels op de hoogte gebracht en zegt te werken aan een update om dit op te lossen.


Не возможно купить 1

by Чуудо – Feb 2, 2014

Не получается купить программу, при нажатии на «purcase» ничего не происходит, а бессплатная не имеет функционала.

Почему сразу не сделать платную программу и давать готовый продукт?


Love this! 5

by glynis37 – Oct 23, 2013

So handy for references/definitions on the fly!  It’s worth upgrading to Pro, to have translations as well.


Fantastic 5

by WeeBeasties – Jun 9, 2013

Liquid and TextExpander are two apps that have totally revolutionized my workflow. My only suggestion is to offer some way for users to share additional search or reference link configurations that they have found to be useful. This app has worked flawlessly for me. Any thought of making an iOS version for my iPad??


great work 5

by breynoldz – May 6, 2013

os x was built for this level of productivity


Great 5

by tcargill – Mar 16, 2013

Nice job with this app, its clean and light and very useful. Would really love to see a clip to evernote feature on it though!


I hope without Command-@ 2

by hgtk825 – Jan 31, 2013

The features are good.

But, keyboard shortcut Command-@ is a bother at mouse operating.


Liquid 5

by Chaz1000 – Jan 24, 2013

This is great as an app for anyone using social media. The conversion tool is wicked as well. 10/10


Log entries seemingly related? 4

by Eurobubba – Dec 2, 2012

Works great, very handy, and the developer was quick to respond to an issue I was having.


Great update for retina display. 5

by zdaoxin – Nov 15, 2012

Really useful update for Retina.


A killer-app 5

by Psychometrics – Nov 9, 2012

Tried the free version but bought the pro version because it's much more customizable. Really great app which spares a lot of time and enhances productivity. For example, I must often look up references from scientific papers using Google scholar. I now mark the text/reference and send it to liquid by using the shortcut and liquid sends it to Google scholar, finished.


Improves productivity at a keystroke 4

by gloves71 – Oct 29, 2012

Very simple app but really helps speed up access to reference sites and much more. Search all over the web in just three keystrokes and add your own customised sites. Can only recommend it. Stephen Fry does too.


Great free utility 5

by Mr Miracle – Oct 29, 2012

Fantastic utility for making it so easy to use selected text in a variety of ways.

Love that we can get it for free.


Great app!! 5

by Smart201 – Oct 29, 2012

Great tool app!!

So useful, the more I use it the more I like it. Why was this not out before?


Liquid 5

by houriausa – Oct 28, 2012

Great and useful application!!