Author Future | Rich Tagging



Tagging plays a crucial role in the future development of any interactive knowledge system since context is crucial to bring meaning to the displayed information.




  • Automatic tagging to help you find information later, including where you are working, your typing tempo (for recording who typed and possibly what mood you were in) and much more... None of this will be shared with the creators of Author and this will not be part of your document on export, but it will create a rich opportunity to build useful ways for you to analyse your own documents later
  • Tagging Grammar with tag-types ('born in' 'visited' etc.) to build semantic meaning
  • People tags. We can tag relationships with documents, why not also with people? The identities of people will be through aggregation of attributes, such as publications and biographical data, not relying on any one central database
  • Vannevar Bush style Tagged Browser Trails
  • Pasted text tagged as pasted with paths/information of where it came from and when it was pasted
  • Auto tag text with inclusion of all data from Wikipedia data-boxes for use in contextual search. For example you can then search the document for a city and someone who was born there will show up (provided this person is in wikipedia or similar accessible database)
  • All your typing keylogged for future revisions