• Read & Edit Modes. Read modes supports spacebar for screen down and select text & spacebar for the text to be spoken.

• Integrated with Liquid | Flow for quick access to searches and references.

• Minimalist interface with no clutter.

•  Automatic Outline. Pinch to collapse the documents to only see the headings. Click on a heading to jump or click outside or ESC to return to main body.

•  Powerful Find. Select text and cmd-f to see only sentences which includes the selected text. Click on a sentence to jump to it’s location in the document or click in the margin to return to regular view.

• When pinching back in after pinching back out, show one sentence summaries for each section and show all annotations and notes the user has made.

• Click on a vertical list to snap it into horizontal, so it won't take as much space.

• In iOS.: When using Apple Pencil it only highlights when in Read mode, it does not interact generally (other than to support copy etc. through an action dot). In Edit mode it behaves normal.