Minimalist PDF reader with powerful views and Augmented Copy.



Also in the same suite of software: Author word processor | Liquid Commands



Update for Version 1.6


  • When you open a PDF whcih has a DOI on the first page, it will ask you if you want Reader to auto-assign citation Visual-Meta
  • cmd- to fold the document into an outline
  • Select text and cmd-f to fold the document to show only lines with the selected text
  • 'n' to see any names in your document
  • 'h' on selected text to highlight
  • 'h' to see any highlighted text


Future Plans



To Enable Augmented Copy


To enable Augmented Copy (where you can copy text from the PDF and paste it into a word processor as a citation) open the PDF Reader and copy theBibTex or DOI of the PDF, which you can find either on the download page or in the document, and paste it into the document. The citation information will now be appended to the end of the document. That’s it, you can now copy as full citation to Author. In version 1.6 Reader even attempts to do this for you automatically:




Safari Speed Hint


If you click on a link to a PDF in Safari while holding down the 'option' key the document will download to your 'Downloads' folder instead of opening in a new tab so if you have the Downloads folder open, you can quickly open the document in Reader.


Chrome Extension


The interaction shown above is simplified if you install the Google Chrome Visual-Meta Extension: Video demo The Visual-Meta Extension for Chrome automatically finds the BibTeX Export Format for citations when you download a PDF documents from the a website (ACM Digital Library is the first fully tested site) and appends the BibTeX to the PDF as a Visual-Meta element. But that's not the exciting part:


You can then use Reader for macOS and copy any text from your PDF and paste into Author as a full citation.


This is a usable and useful demonstration of the Visual-Meta approach. Future updates aim to support more download sites.


Also in the same suite of software


  • Author is a word processor featuring a minimalist interface and dynamic controls
  • Liquid is a utility for super-fast control of your text for all applications