Publishing & Import Analysis Modules


The Publishing & Import Analysis Modules are designed to guide the student though an analysis process when the chooses to ‘Publish’ their document, to make sure the document handed in is as good as the student is capable of writing, and the same analysis can be done by the teacher on import in order to check for basic issues:


Student Publish


The student will choose a ‘Publish’ option when done writing the paper and this will launch a series of Publish Modules, all of which the student can choose to ignore or to use. These modules include:


  • See an automatically generated summary of the document (as generated by the code in the Open Text Libraries, see below) which will show the student whether or not what was intended to get across actually comes across in the document. The student can click on any sentence in the summary to see what parts of the document contributed to that specific summary, and easily alter the document where needed
  • Check for plagiarism
  • Check writing level
  • Check citations
  • Style
  • Suggestions for simplifications
  • Reading time
  • Specify what type of document/assignment this is and answer questions as to which sections correspond to which expected sections, such as a ‘Methods’ section in a science assignment


Publishing will assign unique ID has-tags to the document so that the document can be identified much in the same way a printed copy of a journal can be identified, without having to be at a specific server address.



Teacher Import Analysis


When a teacher opens a student document the document will automatically be analysed using the very same modules the student had access to when ‘Publishing’ the document and a report will be presented, where the teacher can choose to read the document or automatically reply to the student with the issues presented. The fact that both student and teacher have the same modules available should mean a higher level of work is presented and it also means that the teacher can accept other document formats and the analysis will still take place.