The Author Project


The Liquid | Author project is focused on making student-teacher interaction via documents richer and more efficient. This project is non-commercial and funded through wonderful donors.


Documents? Really? Isn't it all about social media and collaborative writing these days?


Social text is seeing investment in development and funding and so is collaborative documents, but in academia the finished, ‘frozen’ document represents a framing of a human perspective as part of the student learning process and as such is a crucial part of the development of the student and the academic process itself.





There are two problems Author addresses:


•  The difficulty for students to produce well thought out, thoroughly researched and correctly cited documents which are clearly and persuasively presented

•  The time it takes teachers to go through large volumes of student writing and give thoughtful feedback effectively



Approaches to Solutions




For students, Author makes the act of citing academic publications, generally available books, videos and other media quick, easy and with added context. This gives the student an effective means through which to show how their work fits within the academic discourse.


Author furthermore features advanced text interaction, through the Advanced Text Interaction Libraries (see below) initiative of which Author is a founder project. The advanced interaction gives students unparalleled opportunities to get to grips with what they are writing, to help them better understand the material.


When the student is done writing a document, the Publish component (see below) guides the student though the process of making sure the document communicates what the student intends to get across, in the correct academic way.




For teachers, Author pre-processes the student document on opening, to check for common issues. Author also provides efficient means for teachers to check the veracity of cited statements and Author provides the teacher with the means to insert comments into the document for the student to review.






Author is built from these components, including potential features to support all:


Research | Reading | Citations | Writing & Editing | Publishing | Dialogue | General







Author is integrated with the other Future Text Initiatives, including: