Liquid Philosophy



The philosophy of the concept of ‘liquid information’ was first formulated in the 1990s by Frode Hegland in dialogue with Sarah Walton, which resulted in a Manifesto. The philosophical site is still available at


The work  is greatly inspired by the work of Doug Engelbart who changed the world in what has been called The Mother of All Demos in 1968. He wrote:


“We need to become better at being humans. Learning to use symbols and knowledge in new ways, across groups, across cultures, is a powerful, valuable, and very human goal. And it is also one that is obtainable, if we only begin to open our minds to full, complete use of computers to augment our most human of capabilities.”


To unleash some of the power Doug Engelbart wrote about, it becomes necessary for tool-builders to join forces in order to both pool our resources and to provide more opportunities for the user to interact with their work.


This is why the environment builds on open standards and hosts the Future of Text initiative.


I blog at where there is a Category of articles on why I am doing this, with a special three part piece on how we must arm the citizenry.


Frode Hegland
London 2018