Liquid | Author Marketing 2019




The basic premise is to highlight the ease & speed of citing in Author. This is the key.



Marketing / Demo Video Text


The advertising will be YouTube screen-videos showing the action, with the accompanying spoken and/or written explanation:


The easiest and fastest way to cite is to copy text from the PDF and paste it into your word processor as a full citation.


This is possible in the Liquid | Author word processor and the Liquid | Reader for macOS.


This is how it works:


  1. Copy the BibTeX or the DOI for the PDF
  2. Open the PDF in the free Liquid | Reader
  3. And paste (just cmd-v)


You have now attached the citation information to the PDF as a Visual-Meta Information appendix which enables you to simply copy any text and paste to cite. BTW, you don't actually have to select any text if you are not citing a specific section, you can just copy when the PDF is open and paste a citation as well. However if you do copy a specific section, when someone reads your document and clicks on the citation, it will open the document you cited to the right page and highlight the section.


This is possible because the document now knows what it is. How cool is that?


By the way, you don't even need the PDF to cite from it: As long as you have the BibTeX or the DOI for the document you want to site, you can paste the BibTeX or the DOI right into the document in Liquid | Author and the result will be a full citation.


[text on screen]: Paste using cmd-shift-v if you just want to paste the plain text.


When you are done writing and citing in Liquid | Author, you can export your documents and your citations will automatically be listed in a References Section at the end. Furthermore, you can add Visual-Meta automatically when producing a PDF from Author so that when someone reads your document they can simply copy the text as citation without having to go through the step of adding the Visual-Meta. This also means that information about your document is stored robustly and will remain attached to your document even if it changes format or is printed out.



Author is far and away the easiest word processor for citing and is greatly loved on the macOS App Store. And not just because of the brilliant citing: Author also features a unique dynamic view, magic margins and much more. Check it out at [link also on card in the video]


[further information, after the main sales pitch]





The campaign will be YouTube demo videos (as above) with tweets linking to and for further information and explanation of how this compares to other ways of citing.



Budget & Timeline


Budget $1,000 for 1 month test run, launching 9th of November (Future of Text Symposium) for one month, then pause for at least one week to measure the success of the campaign. Success would simply be earnings in excess of $1,000, with a great success including costs for further coding work.