liquid thoughts





One of the most important challenges of our time must surely be how to represent and interact with knowledge.


As such, it is a great privilege to work with Dino on the Polyscopy project where we aim to work together to initially represent his philosophy in a richly interactive manner, where we will work on case studies for what users might want to understand of his philosophy and from this generate ever more efficient means through which this understanding can be obtained, while leaving the reader with the means of interrogating and questioning the work.


The systems developed will hopefully be extensible for other knowledge and to grow and develop Polyscopy itself.


The initial tasks will be for Dino himself to create representations in DebateGraph and/or The Brain.


Sam and I have already agreed to work on both our own notions or ‘inventions’ as well as exploring knowledge representations already created or just invented, such as that of Ted Nelson’s work, and present these as contenders for a next generation Dynamic Knowledge Environment, to use Doug Engelbart’s term.


We strongly invite all other amigos to participate, either rigorously or completely casually with simple thoughts and/or constraints.


I look forward to starting to invent in dialog with you all!

Start of the Polyscopy Project