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A visually minimalist word processor with powerful tools, giving you greater control of your writing process and quick-citation support to give your work more credibility.


– integrated with the high performance text manipulation utility Liquid | Flow







In Author you can execute commands quickly and that means you become more likely to use them and therefore will have a larger repertoire of commands available for day-to-day use, since they become second nature:



Clean Interface


Despite it's clean workspace, Author is not a 'markdown' application and therefore supports images, even with transparency, with full citation attributions:





Fast Focus Mode Entry & Exit


You can toggle in and out of full screen focus mode with a single tap on the ESC key (not just out, as with most software):



Supports Mojave Dark Mode of course, with Edit mode shown on the left and Read mode shown on the right:




Quick Outline


Author gives you control over how you see your document by letting you pinch your trackpad to collapse your document into an outline, so you always have an overview of your work.


Headings are assigned by selecting text and using the keyboard shortcuts cmd-1 through 6. To go back to regular view click on a heading to jump to it, ESC or pinch back out:





Fast Find


If you forget if you have used a certain word or phrase just select it and cmd-f to instantly see only the sentences in the document which has that specific text. Cmd-f again to return to regular view or click on a sentence to jump to it:





Super-Fast Lookup & Search


To interact with the text in Author and all the text in your macOS applications, you can download the free companion utility ‘Liquid | Flow


It is worth getting used to since it will allow you to search, look anything up, convert translate and more so quickly that when you use another computer your hands will feel like they are working in slow motion:





Fast Command Access


Most commands are available through keyboard shortcuts and you can quickly learn any new commands since when you ctrl-click the keyboard shortcuts are clearly listed, something you will soon find useful and wonder why it's not standard:








Powerful support for working with citations–often an intimidating (or, let's be honest, boring) task for beginning authors–is a critical functionality that sets Author apart from other word processing systems. Rather than being a chore to attend to at the end of a writing project, Author makes it easy for students to create and check the citations from books, articles, video and the web that they need to include to provide support for claims they are making in their papers. For teachers and others reading the finished work, citations can be clicked to check the accuracy, origin and usefulness of students' claims–resulting in more credible; transparent, connected, believable & checkable documents.


  • Auto-fills citation information from books, web pages and YouTube Video
  • Click on imported images to add citation information
  • [Support for citation managers will be available late 2018]





When you Export, Author automatically:


  • Adds a Cover Page based on your personal details (stored from last use)
  • Formats the Citations inside the document with (brackets) or superscript1
  • Appends a References/ Bibliography section at the back of the document


Formats include:


  • .pdf
  • .doc
  • .rtf
  • txt plain text
  • .liquid (native Author document)
  • Print to paper


Note: This feature is available as an In-App-Upgrade since we decided to make the Author free so that you can try all the features for as long as you like.  If you prefer not to purchase this upgrade you can copy all the text and paste it anywhere you need it:






By providing powerful reading tools to complement the writing tools, the effort you put in to your document will really shine when your audience reads the native document in Author:


  • Use the spacebar to go down a screen, just like on the web
  • Select text and hit the spacebar to have that text read out loud to you
  • Play video citations inside Author
  • Select text and cmd-f to see all occurrences of the text, which is particularly helpful when you are reading a large document
  • Super-Fast access to look up any text using Liquid | Flow


The modes are visually distinct:


  • In Edit mode the screen is warm
  • In Read mode the screen is grey


Toggle the modes by clicking the Done/Edit button at the bottom centre of the screen or keyboard shortcut: cmd /







Author is built for Students...


Author is currently focused on high school and undergraduate students. Citation management systems support for graduate students is currently under development. Other academic and non-academic users should consider trying Author since the academic writing workflow is easily generalisable into most serious writing. Educators...


Liquid | Author is developed by Frode Hegland, Teacher of the Year at London College of Communication 2014, co-host of the annual Future of Text Symposium with Vint Cerf, co-inventor of the Internet, and influenced greatly by his late friend and mentor Doug Engelbart, inventor of modern personal computing, including the mouse, word processing, and more, whom he worked with particularly on intellectual augmentation through interactive text. All coding by Jacob Hazelgrove. A perspective on how Author supports curiosity and deeper literature is available.


... in collaboration with You


Thank you for looking at Author, we can only continue to improve with further user feedback so please feel free to email any thoughts or suggestions to


If you are interested you can have a look at how this relates to Deeper Literacy, learn more about The Project, Future Developments and Author iOS (2019)


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