Headings View




Pinch, using a trackpad for macOS or on the screen of your iOS device and your Author document collapses into a Table of Contents view as all the body text is hidden and only headings show.


With the Concept Mapping feature in Author however, when you are in the Table of Contents view you will be able to drag the headings around the screen, effectively creating a concept map. A concept map BTW, is like a mind map but without the need for a central node.




This is the Table of Contents View:




And this shows one heading dragged out to the side, generating a dotted connection line:





To re-order the Table of Contents drag an item right under that other item (a line will light up and other headings will move out of the way).


To connect a heading to another drag it right on top of that node.


To disconnect a heading from the document click on the connecting lines and delete them. Disconnected headings/sections will not show up in the main document until re-connected.