Dynamic View : Future Views



The Dynamic | View is the primary effort we are working on now but it is not the only one. The default view is the Word Processing View and more views will be developed over time:



Word Processing View


WP scrollable based views with view commands, including those already implemented in Author


  • Show only Headings (outline, accessed through pinch)
  • Show only sentences with keyword/selected text (temporary re-formatting, accessed through selecting word and cmd-f)
  • Colour keywords based on colour glossary
  • Show only first sentence per paragraph
  • Flow; break the text on , and double break on . (etc.) for a more listy view



Citation Views


Different means through which to show sources cited in the document in ways that are instantly accessible and verifiable, to check the veracity and relevance of the citations.


  • In-Text
  • In Liquid | Views



Timeline View


Timeline, based on time of creation of the document sections or reference in the body text to events which happened in time. This relates to the Time Browser Project: http://timebrowser.info




Analysis Generated


Views generated based on semantic analysis of the document, such as:


•  Show Synopsis






We are sketching out ideas for the next stage in Future Features.