“Get used to it & you're hooked”

Stephen Fry



To use Liquid | Flow


  1. Select text
  2. do the Keyboard Shortcut (default is ⌘-shift-2 or command @) and
  3. choose a command through keyboard shortcuts (or mousing around, as you learn the shortcuts). For example:  R for References then W for Wikipedia.




To change the Keyboard Shortcut


To get a  more convenient ⌘-space (or anything else you prefer):, open System Preferences, click on Keyboard, make sure you are in the Shortcuts tab, then, in the column on the left:


  1. Click on Spotlight and disable ⌘-space
  2. Click on Input Sources and disable ⌘-space if it is active there.
  3. Click on Services, scroll down to 'Liquid' (not Liquid | Flow') and double-click on the current shortcut and set it to be ⌘-space


Video walkthrough on YouTube


If you have more than one input source (such as different languages) Click on Sources and disable ⌘-space. I have no idea why Apple has made this shortcut the same for Spotlight and Choose Input Source, but such it is.




To Add a Search


If you have upgraded Flow, you can add any search engine you like:


  1. Click on the 'gears' icon on the right hand side of  Flow
  2. Click on Commands
  3. Click on '+' in the lower left hand corner
  4. Follow the instructions shown to add a search URL to Flow




Speed Tip


Instead of Search/Google, just hit ‘enter' to search Google and ‘shift-enter’ to go to the first item on Google search. Hit 'spacebar' to Copy/As Citation from the web.






Please restart to register Liquid as a Service if the keyboard shortcut doesn't work.






To post to WordPress you need to provide your username and password as well as the WordPress URL if you are using a custom WordPress install. NOTE that when you do this, everytime you click away from the Flow dialog it will disappear–just click on the Liquid | Flow icon on the top of the screen to see it again :-)




Stay in Touch!


Please don't hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions or issues - or suggestions for future improvements. If you have any problems please also consult the User Guide. If you have not done so already, try Liquid | Flow's companion Author.



You can email me any time at frode@liquid.info


Frode Hegland