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This is an outline for a dialogue box for creating a Glossary entry which appears after the user selects a keyword in a document and does a keyboard shortcut, such as cmd-y:






'Selected Keyword'



Short/Twitter Description: [______]
this is what would appear in-sentence if reader-requested. User will be prompted to only include person's last name if the entry is for a person


Fuller Glossary: [__________________________________________________]
if this is a person, user will be prompted to write full name here




Every field below is optional:



Category: [______]
this field acts very much like assigning tags in macOS: user can click on a list or add new tag


Highlight? •

whether or not this should be highlighted in the text on first appearance, if the author wants to emphasise this to the reader


Uses: [______]
how this text should be used


Related words: [______]

related words to click to also see


Show what this word is (dictionary lookup) such as verb etc. (user editable): [Pop-Up Menu \/]




Video Entry for this Glossary Item:

Recorded video either stored locally or on YouTube, much like the exploratory project liquid dialogue







Mathematical logic: [______]

Programming logic/code: [______]



Only appears on save and open:


URL to this Entry: xxx
automatic inclusion, can be copied


First used in the sentence: xxx

automatic inclusion.


Append Comment: [______]
this only appears if the user has edited the entry later


{Link this entry to your own}
this allows the user to copy this entry over to their as an appended entry


Appended Comments: xxx
this only appears if the user has edited the entry later






Very Experimental


Logic: [______]

• Use the current location when authoring, such a when using the term 'here'

• Use relative dates when authoring, such a when using the term 'today', 'now' and 'yesterday' etc.

• If referring to  a specific Date in the future. Change grammar when passed this date.





Automatically Assigned


URL to this entry: http:…. &glossary


Who has referred to this entry/cited it: [  Pop-Up Menu \/]