A chief focus for Author is to help give you more credibility when writing, and more clarity when reading. The way Author goes about this is by providing quick and efficient ways to cite sources and to check those sources. As Doug Engelbart, who was the major inspiration for the project, put it in 1975:


For a true dialogue to work within this system, careful conventions must be followed about citing previously published items. An important value derived from the above storage and access provisions is that when one author wants to write about the work of another, he can cite it explicitly in his text with assurance that his reader has a straightforward way to access the cited work. Where this cited-work accessibility is dubious, an author is considerably burdened.

Doug Engelbart


This is a burden we need to overcome, to take move academic citations from their paper origins into the digital realm.


The first version of Author will support rich-citation in Author, and in future versions will allow you to export with bibliography ready to hand-in as assignment. This is our number one priority but it was simply too expensive to implement for version 1.


  • Quick Citations. Quickly & easily assign citations via Amazon look-up or Liquid | Flow’s Copy As Citation command.
  • When pasting text copied from outside Author, a Google search for the text will take place, to allow the user to quickly cite its origin.
  • Statistics and analysis of citation in the citation dialogue to instantly get a feel of the cited source.
  • Integration with Amazon, Mendeley, Zotero & EndNote.
  • Video Citations