AUTHOR is a word processor designed for anyone who does serious writing based on research. Author is one of the highest rated word processor in the macOS App Store. It exports Visual-Meta PDF documents for the Reader PDF viewer and uses Liquid Commands.




Updated for Version 5.5


  • Improved Dynamic View :
    • Selected text is framed in orange if it is NOT in the word processing view
      Otherwise it's blue
    • Double-click blue text to Find all the sentences in the document with that text
    • Select text and  'x' to strikethrough items you are done with but would rather not delete so that you can keep track of them
  • Improved Fold:
    • cmd – to fold the document into an outline
    • Shows names, highlighted and bold text in folded outline
  • Improved Find:
    • Find results now show headings
    • Find results flash yellow when you click on them in the Find view and the document opens to that location
  • Improved Automatic Paste & Turn into citation from:
    • DOI
    • BiBTeX
  • Improved Academic Export:
    • Supports [ ] export with citations numbered alphabetically
  • General:
    • cmd-shift-h to highlight text
    • cmd-shift-x to strikethrough text
    • Bug fixes



Powerfully Easy Citing



Author gives you powerful support for working with citations: cmd-t to add a citation from a book, website, you tube video or academic document.


Fast Academic Citing


Adding a citation from an academic document is super easy when also using the free companion PDF viewer Reader, using the document's DOI, as shown in this demo: 3 min demo video:


Using Author documents For Research Notes


Citations can easily be moved around from one document to another by clicking on the citation and choosing 'Copy Citation' which you can paste in to another document.


Automatic Citation Formatting on Export


When you export your document this citation information will then automatically be used.

This means that you can use this as a basic reference manager where you store what you come across in one document and move it to where you need it.


Visual-Meta Magic


If you download PDFs to read in Reader you can either use the Reader Google Chrome Extension to automatically add the BibTeX bibliographic information to the last page

This is part of the Visual-Meta system which contains the BibTeX information plus more. When you then copy text from a PDF in Reader it will be copied with the BiBTeX so that you can paste it as a citation. You can also use Liquid to Search using Scholarcy which will copy the BibTeX to your clipboard as well.




Instant Find View



If you forget if you have used a certain word or phrase just select it and cmd-f to instantly see only the sentences in the document which has that specific text. Cmd-f again to return to regular view or click on a sentence to jump to it.



Magic Margins


When you start writing it can be helpful to be able to note keywords where you work but which you don't know where will fit into the document quite yet. To use the Magic Margins, make sure you are in full-screen and  simply double click anywhere in the margin to jot down a note or put an important keyword.


Note: These margins do not follow your document when you scroll, they are separate, to allow you to have an always-available space to jot notes.


If you would like more space to group and connect thoughts, you can click at the bottom of the document or cmd-d to enter the Dynamic View:



Dynamic View

In the Dynamic View you can think freely–without being constrained by the traditional columns of text–though the text is still connected to your Word Processing View:


Any text in this view which is also in the Word Processor View will have a blue selection rectangle (otherwise it will be orange). Double-click it and you will get a list of all the sentences in the Word Processor View which has that text (exactly the same as doing Find). Click on a sentence to jump to it or click in the margin to dismiss.


You can double-click on the other (orange) text to choose for it to be automatically appended at the end of your Word Processing View so that you can immediately start typing to elaborate on it.



Instant Outline View


Author gives you control over how you see your document by letting you cmd-  to fold your document into an outline, so you always have an overview of your work. Click on a heading to jump to it or cmd- again to fold further or cmd+ to expand.


Headings are assigned by selecting text and using the keyboard shortcuts cmd-1 through 6. To go back to regular view click on a heading to jump to it, ESC or pinch back out.


This folded view shows names, highlighted and bold text to make it easier & faster to ‘jump around’ your document.



Instant Lookup & Search



To interact with the text in Author and all the text in your macOS applications, you can download the companion utility ‘Liquid’. When it is installed it you can select any text and either use a keyboard shortcut of your preference or ctrl-click and choose ‘Liquid | Flow’ and choose a command.


It is worth getting used to since it will allow you to search, look anything up, convert translate and more so quickly that when you use another computer your hands will feel like they are working in slow motion.


Most commands in Author are available through keyboard shortcuts and you can quickly learn any new commands since when you ctrl-click the keyboard shortcuts are clearly listed, something you will soon find useful and wonder why is not standard.






Everything you Cut (but not Copied) is remembered by Author. Cmd-shift-v to see what you have cut and choose what to paste.




Read/Edit Mode



By providing powerful reading tools to complement the writing tools, the effort you put in to your document will really shine when your audience reads the native document in Author (or in the PDF companion Liquid | Reader). When in Read mode, you can:


  • Use the spacebar to go down a screen, just like on the web
  • Select text and hit the spacebar to have that text read out loud to you
  • Play video citations inside Author
  • Select text and cmd-f to see all occurrences of the text, which is particularly helpful when you are reading a large document
  • Super-Fast access to look up any text using Liquid | Flow


The modes are visually distinct: In Edit mode the screen is warm and in Read mode the screen is grey. Toggle the modes by clicking the Done/Edit button at the bottom centre of the screen or keyboard shortcut: cmd /



‘Quality of Life’



Author is a modern application with full support for continuous saving, spell check, iCloud support ot the point that you can edit an Author document on one machine and it will update on another as you view it. Author features native macOS Dark Mode, above.


Author even includes a very large Open Dialog which is surprisingly useful, even making Finder Tags useful:







When you are done it's time to share with the world.



When you Export, Author (optionally) automatically:


  • Adds a Cover Page based on your personal details (stored from last use)
  • Formats the Citations inside the document with [(brackets)] or superscript1
  • Appends a References/ Bibliography section at the back of the document
  • Appends Visual-Meta information at the end of the document for use by Liquid | Reader and other compatible systems


Formats include:


  • .pdf
  • .doc
  • .rtfd
  • .txt plain text
  • .liquid (native Author document)
  • Print to Paper




Publish to WordPress



You can Publish to your WordPress blog, including adding tags and uploading pictures.




Future Plans Include


  • Visual-Meta for addressing, including system generated document name, based on title, user name and date.
  • Further ML for identifying names and specific phrases.
  • Edit document in Folded Outline mode.
  • Embed audio and video.
  • Link types and 'critical' citations.
  • Timeline view.
  • Matrix view.
  • & more.






If you have any comments of questions, please get in touch:




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What People Are Saying



“Liquid | Author secretly puts all of the features you need from a writing package within reach while letting you focus on being creative”


“Words and language distinguished the human species from most if not all others. Words help us think. Liquid | Author is a new tool in the Engelbart tradition that clears away the fixation of most text editors on format and concentrates on content and composition. Authors experience a new intimacy with the semantics and structure of what they are writing. All of this improves clarity with an economy that is awesome in its simplicity and power”


On the addition of Magic Margins: “This new release of Author brings a remarkable new flexibility - marginal notes. Imagine composing using this new tool - jot ideas down in the margins for later expansion, with full capability of Author in these privileged spaces!”
Vint Cerf
(co-inventor of the Internet)


Ted Nelson (coined the term ‘Hypertext’)


“Of all the modern, minimalist editors which I have tried, Liquid | Author is by far the best ... It has some truly innovative features, and is wonderfully designed”


“Author leads the field of writing environments centred on content, rather than distracting with dozens of superfluous formatting controls. Magic Margins are another valuable tool which we all use on paper, now provided in Author. The best just gets better, whether you're writing an academic paper or a blog article.
Howard Oakley


“Wow! I really didn't think I could find anything that could replace word or open office but I did! I love the features that Author has. The Dynamic view is so helpful, laying it out as a mind map -- I love this tool and I like Author so much I decided to try Liquid Flow and Liquid reader.. so impressive. Truly unique and super powerful and you made it so easy to use -- I love this WP... Bought because you mentioned Ted Nelson. Best minimalist app ever. The features are very good for writing. The environment is very clean and minimalist and it lets you focus on what you have to do. The support team is very responsive when you have a problem. The best app for writing. Very, very impressive! This app I love...” & more great reviews on the macOS App Store


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