Author Future | Academic






Author is strongly focused on the academic writing process and as such is concerned with citations. Other features for the academic student/teacher interaction are being developed as well however:





  • Teacher Designed Document Templates to make it really clear for students what needs to be written and to make it easier for teachers to get an overview of the student's work
  • Export for Academic Paper with settings to specify citation and document handling
  • 'Crapdetect' commands for teachers to check assertions and check for plagarism. Includes integration with sources from
  • Integrated questions from teacher on specified pages which only shows up after a minimum period of time so that the student needs to read the page to see the question. Answers show up in a spreadsheet for the teacher
  • Student, Teacher & Editor Modes for Comments & Notes
  • Collaboration through Smart Notes
  • iPad tracking of use for teachers to learn how the reading environment of the student is, with recording of volume level (no audio though), light level, time spent reading, time spent per page, proximity to other students and more, all at the discretion of the teacher and student