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On the 50th anniversary of Doug's demo.


The current thinking for this flows from discussions in California and Pavel and Dino's document



Initial thoughts


Although I consider myself an interface guy, I feel that in order to really make an impact we need to work on creating an improved technological landscape for interaction innovation. This would include work on document formats and sharing, such as discussed in my Iceberg suggestion.



50th Anniversary Impact


The first thing we need to decide on is what the real point of this day, this event, this demo should have. Should it be a tech demo? An inspiration? Or something with long term impact? I think we should go for impact and in true Pavel and Timour fashion, first spend real time to decide where impact is needed and how to deliver it.





My personal perspective is as basic as working on the most effective way for an individual and a team to create a document which is connected effectively to its context, in a way that a reader can critically analyse.


My philosophy is to make information liquid, but to do this usefully, there must be opportunities to freeze the frames of the discourse, and that is what documents are - human perspectives framed.



The Web of Publishing


In our little group I have suggested that we use blogs to communicate but I have to admit to having given up on WordPress. The themes are either very specifically made for a business or not very well suited for reading.


The reason I thought blogs would be great is that the documents would be available on the web, a free, open and much-used platform and the entries could refer to each other through weblinks.


I still think that this is the way to go, so why not build an open web publishing platform, intended to support millions of users in real dialogue?



Proposed Way to Collaborate for This Project


Since we don't have what we are building yet, we need to quickly decide on what tools and methods to use to collaborate. I propose we use manually created web-pages, like this page you are reading now. This means that someone needs to act as a secretary to note down lists and priorities.


I would also be happy to use Trello, provided we early one agree with what a tagging system we should use (colour for people or actions etc.).




I just read the document Pavel and Timour put together, in length.





50th Anniversary Impact