Liquid Information



Liquid Information is an ecosystem of richly interactive and open tools:


  • Liquid | Author is a word processor featuring a minimal interface with powerful controls
  • Liquid | Flow is a utility for rich and quick text interactions


The premise is that the richer your ability to grasp your information, the deeper your insights can be, and the clearer and more credible your communication can be.


No single tool or software system can do this, so it is necessary to build interoperable systems to give the user a rich choice of tools and for the tool systems to compete to provide ever richer opportunities for the user to developer a deeper literacy in how they use the tools. This is also why I host the Future of Text symposium.


You can read about the plan forward, our manifesto of what it would mean when you are liquid and how we are working on augmenting the full literature review process for students. Please get in touch should you need Support. We are a group of passionate people, this is only the start...




If you tell me, I will listen. If you show me, I will see.
But if you let me experience, I will learn.