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Welcome to the Liquid Information Company, where the aim is to build ever more powerful interactive text interactions to enable a deeper literacy.


Liquid macOS Products


  • Author is a word processor featuring a minimalist interface and dynamic controls
  • Reader is a fast, minimalist PDF viewer which supports Copying as Citation
  • Liquid is a utility for super-fast control of your text for all applications


Symbol Manipulation


My friend and mentor Doug Engelbart called interactive text ‘Symbol Manipulation’ and it informs much of my work. Since much of our knowledge is stored in textual form, I believe that we can greatly extend our cognitive reach by employing ever richer means to manipulate the symbols we work and think with.


A More ‘Liquid’ Symbol Manipulation Environment


No single tool or software system, nor any single designer or team can deliver on the dream. It is therefore necessary to build interoperable systems to give the user a rich choice of tools so that the tool systems can to compete to provide ever richer opportunities and for the user to developer a deeper literacy in how they use the tools. Feel free to watch the Full Systems Demo.

Integration : Copy As Citation


You can copy text from a PDF in Pro Reader and Paste it into Author as a full citation, which you can control the appearance of and which will automatically be included in the References section on export. This is an example of the liquid systems working together to give you more powerful control of your text, using the Visual-Meta system, which is entirely open for any developer to use since it's simply an extension of BibTeX.


Future(s) of Text


To ask what the future of text will be or can be is not too far away from asking what the future of music or images will be. It is therefore important to make clear what type of text the Liquid projects concern and it is the future of  thoughtful dialogue, primarily through document based discourse.


To encourage dialogue as to where we can go with text, I host the annual Future of Text Symposium and I am editing the associated book: The Future of Text.


I urge you to look at other independent software developers of text-tools, including ByWord, iA Writer, Gingko, Scrivener, Ulysses, WriteRoom, and LiquidText by Craig Tashman (no direct relation with my own Liquid products), as well as to read about the work of Ted Nelson, who is helping us see the world of literature in new ways and of course, Doug Engelbart:


“There is a native American myth about the coyote, a native dog of the American prairies - how the coyote incurred the wrath of the gods by bringing fire down from heaven for the use of mankind, making man more powerful than the gods ever intended.
My sense is that computer science has brought us a gift of even greater power, the ability to amplify and extend our ability to manipulate symbols. It seems to me that the established sources of power and wealth understand, in some dim way, that the new power that the computer has brought from the heavens is dangerous to the existing structure of ownership and wealth in that, like fire, it has the power to transform and to make things new.

We need to become better at being humans.
Learning to use symbols and knowledge in new ways, across groups, across cultures, is a powerful, valuable, and very human goal. And it is also one that is obtainable, if we only begin to open our minds to full, complete use of computers to augment our most human of capabilities.”

Doug Engelbart




If you have any questions or comments, please email me at If you are at all interested, you can also read my brief Statement of Focus.


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If you tell me, I will listen. If you show me, I will see.
But if you let me experience, I will learn.





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Archived: Plan from 2018, Manifesto from 1996.