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The written word is a fundamental unit of knowledge and as such, how richly we interact with the written word constrains and augments how richly we interact with our knowledge.


Much like physical athletes demand ever more efficient equipment, so do knowledge workers and this is why we are working on ever more powerful text interactions. The aim is to provide a more liquid information environment, augmenting our ability to write with more credibility and read with more clarity:



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This is part of a push towards Deep Literacy where the power of the user is increased by ever more powerful tools - both digital and mental. Author is part of the Future Text Initiative which also features the annual Future of Text Symposium. The Liquid Information Company is a non-profit UK company which re-invests all earnings into product implementation. I gratefully thank all the supporters and investors for making Author possible: Acknowledgements



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There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew ...
Marshall McLuhan


... and we should at least all be able to read the flight manual and contribute to new editions, of this most complex planet with it's most complex crew. We cannot afford to both drown in data and be helpless to contribute usefully.





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